As a club, we aim to provide an enjoyable and competitive netball experience for every player regardless of the stage of their netball journey.

We aim to support players to become skilful, logical and competitive within the sport whilst also supporting them in a friendly, welcoming environment.

We strive to improve the provision of netball within the community and to allow players to access the sport regardless of their age or financial status.

We are dedicated to coaching players to achieve netball excellence by providing opportunities to access a performance environment in both the junior and senior sections of our club.

We want to open the doors for our players to pursue their own passion for the sport beyond the club whether that be playing within a franchise, coaching or officiating the game.

We aim to continue to develop as a club and listen to our members to ensure that we continue to deliver on our aims and ambitions every year.


  • Provide an opportunity for all ages and abilities to play netball
  • Remain and ‘open’ friendly club
  • Promote the club in the local community and create funding opportunities
  • Provide both performance and development pathways for players in both the senior and junior club
  • Provide performance and challenge for players to remain competitive in netball
  • Support coach/officiating development through courses and education
  • Ensure a duty of care to all members of the club.
  • Ensure all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment.
  • Strive to win each match and ultimately develop team standing in local/national leagues
  • Adhere to club policies.
  • Instil a ‘can-win’ attitude in all players.
  • Create social and fundraising events for all club members to participate
  • Provide our services in a way that is fair to everyone.